For far too long the industry has adopted unethical trends that all stem from the improper management and lack of for-sight into how that management will scale in the future. The mismanagement of equity capital has plagued and become a disease in the renewable space which has only harmed the perception of the industry and its partners. Giants are quick to scale but even quicker to fail because of it.
In the end, their partners and professionals are left to explain themselves as to why this all happens. We have listened in the shadows while having put together a tremendous force of partners who stand by their word and integrity. Not to become the biggest solar company on an Inc 500 list, just the largest group of professionals who seek to bring forth a positive change to the world around them.
The plan is to continue to be the company that can grow alongside our partner's success and provide the resources behind the scenes. In a space where timelines are over promised and under delivered, we have built a platform based on doing the right thing. Zero equity capital. Zero debt. Back to the basic principles that all of our professionals came from. Not to be the right platform for everyone, but the right platform for the right people. Thats the plan. ​
-Amazing Energy Partners
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