AEPI and SunPower Partnership

AEPI and SunPower partner to provide a better experience for its residential clients.

September 6th, 2022

Amazing Energy Partners, a C-Corp, based out of Temecula, California has partnered with SunPower Corp(NASDAQ: SPWR) officially in an effort to bring renewable energy options of higher value to its clients and relationships. Spearheaded by President of Operations, Aaron Rogers the partnership is expected to open up bandwidth to its partners as the company goes into its 4th quarter leading into 2023. The company hopes to utilize SunPower’s third party finance products as a way of targeting homeowners who cannot take advantage of the tax credit that has since been increased to 30% with a 10% to lower income areas. 

“not everyone qualifies for the federal tax credit…”

It's important to remember that not everyone qualifies for the federal tax credit in which most ownership options require to be thrown back into the finance within the first 16-18 months. At that time, the financed amount adjusts to the remaining financed amount.  So having access to this kind of financing along with the same quality of service expected for their clients is very important to Amazing Energy Partners Inc as they move to installing 100mw’s annually of residential solar installations by 2023. 

So far to date Amazing Energy Partners Inc has installed over 96mw’s of residential business across 5 states of operation. They plan to triple that annually alongside their commercial business over the next ten years. “We strongly believe this is possible seeing the market trends alongside the new extension of the tax credit thanks to the most recent bill passed by the US Government”, says AEPI’s press secretary.