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Areas of Operation
Mission and Causes
Company Profits are Used to Directly Support Life-Saving Nonprofits
Amazing Energy Partners and it's board are heavily involved in protecting life as well as females and children. For the last 20 years, our board member's and company mission has directly funded this mission. The two causes most near and dear to our hearts is providing treatments and support to families who are affected by autism, and the second is rescuing females and children from sex trafficking.
To date we have rescued hundreds of females and children directly and via financial support out of company profits. Our partners are also encouraged to contribute to our three partners' funds below as well as to our Amazing2Grow fund which provides resources to parents and children affected by autism.
As Amazing Energy Partners continues to grow, we have structured our corporation as a living and breathing fund in which a large portion of our profits will always go to these causes. This percentage will never and can never be changed in the future.

Our people make the difference

Ms. Sylvia Donaldson,
President and Chairman of the Board

Image hidden due to the nature of our philanthropy

Aaron Rogers, Operations